Using Akismet with your Contact Forms

Akismet integrates with several popular contact form plugins to help stop spam arriving via the forms on your site. Some of these integrations are automatic, but others require a bit of configuration.

Note: The following instructions assume that you have an active Akismet subscription.

Jetpack Contact Form

If you use Jetpack’s contact form (either the Form block, or the classic editor version), then all of your contact form submissions are automatically checked for spam by Akismet. You can also manually mark comments as spam/not spam via the Feedback section of wp-admin.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7’s forms require you to add some specific options to your contact form fields. You can find full instructions here.

Contact Form 7 doesn’t store contact form submissions on your site, so if you want the ability to manually mark them as spam/not spam, then you can install the Flamingo plugin (from the same developer), which provides that ability.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms has a dedicated Akismet Add-On which will allow you to integrate Akismet with any of your forms. Check out this user guide on how to set it up. You can also manually mark form submissions as spam/not spam as covered in this article.

Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms has Akismet integration, which requires you to have at least a name and email field in your form. You can configure Akismet integration via the Processors tab of your form, as described here.

Ninja Forms

To use Akismet with Ninja Forms, you need to add an Akismet Anti-spam Action, as described here.

Formidable Forms

To use Akismet with Formidable Forms, you need to enable Akismet on each form where you want to us it.

Other Plugins

If you use another contact form plugin, please contact the plugin author to check if their plugin has an Akismet integration.

If you have more general questions about Akismet, please contact us here.