How do I let Akismet know something is spam?

Akismet is always learning so if you come across a piece of spam that Akismet misses marking it as spam will help Akismet learn and not miss similar spam in the future.

Akismet has two levels of learning – global and local. Local learning is taught by the site owner and occurs whenever something is marked as spam that Akismet thinks is not spam, and when something is marked as Not Spam and Akismet thinks it is. So Akismet learns what you like and don’t like. This is partly so spammers cannot try to “poison” Akismet so easily and also because some people get angry when any comments are caught – their blog, their comments.

To mark an individual comment as spam hover over it and press the “Spam” button.

Spam Link

If you have multiple comments you want to mark as spam just check the boxes next to the comments you want marked as spam, select the “Mark as Spam” option from the bulk menu option at the top of the screen and press the “Apply” button.

Bulk Action