How do I remove inactive sites from my Akismet dashboard?

When you visit your Akismet Dashboard, you’ll notice that we show a list of active sites for your account. This list shows sites that have been active in the last 14 days, so if you recently deactivated Akismet on a site, it may continue to show in the list.  

Deleting a site from your account

If you want to delete a site from your account, you would click the red X next to the URL (pictured left).

NOTE: You would also need to delete Akismet from the site, otherwise the next time the site makes an API call, it will show back on the list.

Revoking a site from your account

If you want to delete and revoke access for a site which will prevent it from using Akismet, you would need to click the “no symbol” (pictured right) to remove the site from your account and prevent it from using your API key in the future.

NOTE: If you revoke a site from your account, you won’t be able to re-add that site back onto your account at a later date. If you revoked a site in error, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help restore it back to your account.

Viewing stats per site

Are you curious about stats pertaining to a specific site? Click the graph icon (pictured left) next to the URL in question to view stats for that specific site.

Once on that page, you can change the view to show different date ranges (60 day, six months, one year, and all-time) and also view the advanced stats data for your site.

I don’t see my site in the Active Sites list!

If you have a site that doesn’t make many API calls, once the site hits 15 days of inactivity it will be removed from the Active Sites list. It doesn’t remove the Akismet coverage from your site – it just stops displaying in your Recently Active Sites list.

If you have more general questions about Akismet, please contact us here.